Q. How do we reserve a tour?

A. Call 508-237-5478 or email us at:

Q. When are tours available?

A. Tours are given daily at 4 pm based on availability and weather, or other times by prior arrangement. Tours last approximately 1 hour.

Tours are given daily in season at 4 pm, and can also be arranged by appointment 24 hrs in advance, based on availability and weather.

The bogs are in bloom mid June to mid July. Cranberries are growing mid July to mid September. The harvest is mid September to mid December. Fresh cranberries are available for sale (to pick up or be shipped) mid September to the end of December. We often see interesting local birds and wildlife. Bring field glasses or binoculars if you have them, and bring a camera.

We meet at the Governor Prence Inn in Orleans and will carivan by car to a bog in neighboring Chatham, or another nearby area. See our Contact page for directions.

Tours are $10 per person--minimum group size is 4 persons for a tour.